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Services We Provide

All-Inclusive services with one affordable monthly fee!

1. Lodging - private rooms available

   24 hours/ 7 days a week care

2. Food Services

Three nutritionally well balanced meals. Between meal nourishment and snacks.

Special diets if prescribed by a physician

3. Laundry and housekeeping services

Comfortable and suitable bed with fresh linen weekly, or as required, cleaning of residents room.

4. Personal assistance and care needs for the resident with activities of daily living, such as:  Dressing, Eating, Bathing, Assistance with taking prescribed medications.

5. Regular observation of the resident's physical and mental condition. 

     Routine monitoring to assess condition.

     Immediate notification of change of condition to family & physician.

6. Arrangement to meet health needs, for physician & dental appointments

7. Planned activity program which includes social, physical, recreational, educational and     spiritual activities. 

8. Bedside care for minor temporary illness

9. Notification of family and other appropriate persons, of residents needs.

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